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Low Visibility

You are visible to those below you. You work with those who have visibility much lower than yours.


Normal Visibility

You are visible to those equal to you. You work with those whose visibility is similar to yours. You move on but may not move up.


High Visibility

With your potentials properly visible, leaders and magnets spot you from among the crowd. You transcend to a different league. You move up and dreams take off.

What's HVQ?

Human Visibility Quotient denotes your potential to be visible to the people around. With Lesser VQ you are visible only to those physically and digitally closer to you. Higher levels ensure visibility in a wider circle of 'friends of friends', not-yet friends and ultimately the whole world around. Everyone has a unique VQ value and that’s why people note you. Scientific enhancement of VQ improves the number and quality of people who note you which ultimately leads to a better life.

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How can we help?

We assess your VQ and then design, develop, and manage your visibility among everyone - colleagues, fans, clients, employees, or to the entire universe!

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Why Enhance?

Simple! You read this because this page exists, it's accessible and it carries an essence which interests you. Before that, you happened to note this. So does the case of any individual. The world is full of faces and visuals and people are damn busy. You noted someone because he had a good VQ. So is your case. If you are not exactly visible for those who want to note you, you are simply out. Out from the team which will definitely lead you to the next level.


What we do?

After proper analysis, research and scientific planning, we do enhance and maintain your VQ in at least 06 domains shown here. Enhancement is a time bound process while maintenance extends depending upon the case.

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Who needs us?

Simple: Anyone.

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Who are in?

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